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I capture elegant and emotive moments of you bringing your newborn baby into the world

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Hi there!!!

Nice to hear from you.  I trust you are well.

  • Nr 1: You faded into the background, most of the time I wasn’t aware of your presence.
  • Nr 2: You captured the whole process in a documentary style, no pretention, just pure awesomeness. You managed to capture the raw emotion that goes with a birth.
  • Nr 3: You went everywhere where I was and where I wasn’t.  You took priceless pics of my family when they heard the news of the baby’s birth, these are moments I didn’t even know about. The pictures of the bystanders make me cry every time I look at them. Without your photography, I would never have known about those hugs, tears and prayers.
  • Nr 4: There isn’t even one picture that I would have left out, all the pics are stunning. When I look through the pics, I never feel like I would have wanted to hide one of them from anyone.

All in all, you where just an amazing part of my birth team and if I ever have another baby, you will be there if you are not already fully booked! I can’t thank you enough for the awesome gift of being able to see my journey every day.

Love Anina

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Doula

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Hi Tanya

I really need to Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love my Birth Photos! It was really amazing to relive that day in a different way! I had a very difficult birth and very traumatic towards the end. But I cried tears of acceptance and joy when I looked at my birth photos for the first time.

It was amazing to see all the different emotions my husband went though and that he was going through some tough and hurtful faces as well and I saw and realise that I wasn’t the only one for who it was so painful and tough.  Your birth Photos made me realise that I wasn’t alone,and that I wasn’t the only one hurting. 

It also captured the joy of the family and that they were so glad to meet this little boy and that it didn’t matter to them how he came into this world that he would be accepted either way and be loved. I looked at the photos and realise that I was strong and that I did everything humanely possible to birth my baby naturally the way God intended and it made me see things I could not see that day with all the pain and emotions I was feeling. Especially the people who surrounded me and cared for me and looked after me they were so amazing.

This is what your photos let me see and made me feel! I never thought these photos could HEAL but the Photos HEALED me in a way I never thought was possible! 
Birth is so Important for mother and baby but we can do only so much before God takes over. He already laid out our paths and the way we would enter this world before we were a thought.

Your Photos made me realise all these things ! Thank you so much for you personal touch and thank you for your professional service as well as your caring manner you went about it. Thank you for respecting our privacy when we needed it. And thank you for taking the most Important photos for us! I will be for ever thankful! 

Carien Moller
Nuance Photography & Design

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Hi Tanya

At first was nervous that it would be uncomfortable. But it wasn’t. The reasons I’d do it again is,
Its not easy to forget those 1st moments but being able to capture the emotion is priceless and allows me to relive that morning we brought our daughter into this world

The pics ended up being an impromptu family photoshoot and because they were natural I didn’t feel pressure to smile, see if Gabriel smiled. We just enjoyed those 1st moments. My birth was a great experience for me. Soul defining. So being able to capture those bath pics soon after the birth was just magical


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Having Tanya present to capture the arrival of our beautiful baby boy was such a privilege.  It felt very important to me to have a photo of the moment that we welcomed our precious stranger into the world. Tanya captured this beautifully and having a picture that I can look at and that instantly transports me back to the incredible feeling of wonder and joy of that moment is something that I treasure greatly. Having Tanya present during the labour was also a double blessing as she was able from all of her other experiences, to offer such warm and practical support and suggestions. Having her in the room with us made me feel like I actually had a Doula present! I still regularly look through all of the photos of our whole birthing experience and marvel at the process that bought such profound change, but wonder into our lives. I love the beauty and tenderness of the images that she captured and the way that she shaped them into a visual story that captured the most transformative experience of my life. Thank you Tanya, I couldn’t have asked for better.