The Birth of Baby Adrian

When Eileen and Claude let me know they were interested in having their baby boy's birth documented, I was thrilled that I'd be able to capture one of the best days in this family's life.

We thought there would be a little more time before baby made his appearance and while Eileen's birth plan didn't go according to plan, this great Mamma knew she would do anything to keep her little boy safe. While I waited to hear how far Eileen was progressing, the Doctor called for a c-section and I needed to rush to make it there in time.

I arrived just in time to see the new Daddy gear up for theater I met with Eileen in theater as they planned to welcome their baby boy into the world.

As Adrian's head is born ♥

Here baby's umbilical cord is being clamped and cut

and with that a family is born...

Proud Mommy and Daddy and a very healthy 3.25kg baby

funny, just like his Daddy

getting ready to go say hello to Mommy

Eileen's Doctor is fantastic

First family photo and many more to come...

Daddy's turn to hold his little boy

wrapping up in theater and time to head to the maternity ward...

after settling into their room, Mommy gets to take a better look at her beautiful baby boy

Baby's first photo to send to the family eagerly waiting to meet him

Daddy's first nappy ever 😀

the nurses are already smitten 😉

Proud Mommy and Daddy ♥

time to head to the nursery for a massage and check

Grandma arrives to meet her first grandson ♥

Adrian's first outfit is a special one, the first outfit Mommy bought for him ♥

all eyes are on baby ♥

beautiful flowers and teddy from Grandma ♥

And so their story begins...



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Caroline Devulder - February 16, 2017

So much love in these images! Nice work! I love the one in the OR where doc is holding up the baby and the one where mom looks emotional to her side. <3

    Tanya Admin - February 16, 2017

    Thank you so much, was a life changing experience for all

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