Nala Birth Photos

About 4 months ago, I met an amazing woman. A first time Mommy, baking a sweet little boy in her tummy. I knew instantly that her and I could become great friends. And I knew this little one was going to have the best Mommy he could ever wish for.

We met at a Hard Rock Cafe, as Rethabile told me about the birth plan she really wanted. She expressed that her doctor had told her not to do a water birth because it is “dirty” she was heartbroken at this and really wanted to try bring her baby into the world naturally.

I suggested she check out Genesis Birthing Clinic and chat to a midwife to see if a waterbirth was in the cards for her.

We chatted regularly through the few months before she would welcome her little boy. More and more the excitement was building, for all of us.

We met up at 35 weeks to do some stunning Maternity photos of Rethabile, You could already see how much love this Mamma had for her little one.

A week after her shoot the first signs appeared that this guy wanted to meet his mommy. We chatted every day, as I waited for that exciting phone call.

On Rethabile’s own birthday she started early signs of labour, but this little guy decided he didn’t want to share the exact same birthday as mommy, he wanted the day just after hers 😉

On my way home from a shoot of Saturday the 5th of September I got the call. She was 6cm and it was time. I rushed home to grab my Go-Bag and off I went to join the wonderful team Rethabile had joined together.

Rethabile’s awesome Doula Laura greeted me as I walked through the door, as her wonderful midwife Lindsey  was watching over her. She also had her lovely sister to help support her.

And so this beautiful story begins, the day I got to hear a Mother’s Roar and witness a Baby’s First Breath ♥